What is the difference between a Task and an Event?

Tasks and Events are the two primary methods of entering training into Rescue Hub. A training officer or administrator will create a Requirement for each type of training that must be completed during the quarter or the year. 

Requirements are placeholders for required training, and are fulfilled by completing Tasks or attending Events.  

What is a Task?

A Task is an assigned training activity that must be completed by a due date, but is not scheduled to occur at a specific date, time or location. The actual day & time this training occurs is at the discretion of the individual or the company officer. 

Examples of a Task include:

  • Read and Review Chapter 2 of the Operations Manual
  • Watch an online video and complete a 10 question quiz
  • Review the training materials for the "SCBA Basics" Class and self-certify that the materials were reviewed.
  • Single company hose drill, which must be completed by a crew sometime before the end of the quarter. 
  • Review a NIOSH report, and discuss with your crew before the end of the year. 
  • Login to EMS Online, review the Pediatric Sick / Not Sick training content, and take the related online test. Complete this before the end of the quarter.

Tasks are also used to assign a staff member to a) take a Quiz related to a Class, or b) self-certify that the training materials were reviewed. 

What is an Event?

An Event is a training activity that is scheduled to occur at a specific date, time, location.

If the assigned training is scheduled to occur at a specific date, time and location, we recommend that you add this as an Event and add it to the training calendar. Examples of Events include:

  • drill nights for volunteer fire departments
  • multi-company hose drill, which is scheduled to occur at a specific day and time
  • scheduled classroom training on High Performance CPR
  • HazMat drill, occurring on three different days in August, each crew must attend one of the three scheduled training
  • scheduled ground ladder training, taught by an instructor at a specific day/time

Which One Do I Use?

If you're not sure which one to use, here are some tips:

Generally speaking, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics might not have permission to enter their own training. You may be able to check off tasks that are assigned to you, depending on how your training officer has configured Rescue Hub.

For scheduled training, find the event on the calendar, and use the Roster My Crew button to log training for you and your crew.

For assigned training that isn't on the calendar, you'll find the training requirement on your My Assigned Training page, and use the Roster My Crew button to enter training. Rescue Hub will push you towards using the correct method for entering training for a specific requirement.

For training that isn't on the calendar, and also is not a training requirement, use the New Company Event on the Home page. This button can be found in the upper right corner, just above the calendar. 

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