How do I upload a file into a task book?

A task book can accept uploaded files such as PDFs or Word documents. This feature is sometimes used to accept documents from trainees or supervisors, such as written assignments, or scanned copies of quizzes, tests, or skill sheets. 

The trainee can upload files into their assigned task book. Supervisors (such as a company officer) can also upload files into a trainee's task book. 

To upload a file into a task book, your first step will be to navigate to the specific task book.

Trainees will use the Task Books menu item and navigate to their assigned task book. 

A supervisor will need to find the task book for the specific individual:

  • click the Task Books menu,
  • next to the relevant task book type, click View Assigned, then
  • click the name of the trainee

From the specific task book, click the Documents tab:

In the box labeled Add a Document:

  • Provide a description of your file in Name of Document
  • Change Personnel Evaluation to No if this document is not an evaluation. Permissions for personnel evaluations are controlled more strictly than other uploaded documents. 
  • Click Choose File, and choose the file to be uploaded.
  • Click Upload

Once uploaded, the file will appear in the Documents tab:

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