How to create a link to send a message

Rescue Hub has a messaging system that allows you to send a message to anyone within your organization. The New Message page can be accessed here: (🇺🇸)

This page will allow you to specify the recipient, subject line, and body of the message.

If you want to embed this link into the description of a requirement, task, or event, use the link icon in the description box. Just select the text to be linked, click the chain icon, type the URL, and click Link:

This page will take you to the New Message page, which will have a blank subject line. If you want to pre-specify a subject line or recipients, you can modify the URL to add a subject line.

Pre-populate a Subject Line

  • Go to
  • Type the subject line you want into the box on the website, for example "January 26 HazMat Drill"
  • Click Encode
  • Copy the generated text

The URL format will look something like this:[ENCODED SUBJECT LINE]

Paste the encoded subject line into the URL like this:

Pre-populate the Message Recipients

To pre-populate a message with specific recipients, you will need to find the Rescue Hub User IDs for the individuals. The easiest way to find someone's user ID is to navigate to their profile in Rescue Hub and look at the URL. 

In the example below, Ramon's Rescue Hub User ID is 676

To include one individual as the recipient, you can construct the URL like this:

For multiple recipients, you will need to use the website:

  • Enter the user IDs separated by commas (like 676,677,678,679)
  • Click Encode
  • Copy the generated text

The example URL will look like this:

Pre-populate both the subject line and recipients

To populate both subject line and recipients, you will specify both the user_ids and subject. 

The URL format will look something like this:[ENCODED USER IDS]&subject=[ENCODED SUBJECT LINE]

Use the steps above to generate the encoded user_ids and subject. Once you add the encoded user ID(s) and subject line, the final URL will look something like this:

🇨🇦Note: Agencies using our Canadian systems will substitute for 

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