How can we hide old Tasks that were never completed?

Once your agency has used Rescue Hub for a while, your personnel might continue to be shown Tasks that were assigned a long time ago, but were never completed for whatever reason. 

Administrators are able to hide these Tasks from personnel by checking the This Task Has Expired checkbox. Once this box is checked, the Task will no longer appear to personnel on the My Assigned Training page, or the other Task reminder pages throughout Rescue Hub.

Expired Tasks will continue to be tracked in Rescue Hub, so you will still have a record of the Task not being completed. 

Tasks can be individually expired by checking the box on each Task. If you would like to expire a set of Tasks (for example, all Tasks with a due date earlier than December 31, 2019), contact Support and we can do this for you.

If only certain personnel are to be excused from a Task, you can use the Excused Staff section to excuse individuals from completing the Task.

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