How should I set up my groups?

Rescue Hub allows you to organize your staff into groups. These groups are used throughout the site to assign a task, invite staff to an event, send a message, and assign a training requirement.

The groups in Rescue Hub are hierarchical, and should be consistent with your organization's chain of command. 

For a small organization, or organizations without a lot of hierarchy, the simplest group setup might look something like this:

If you have multiple shifts and stations, it might look like this:

If you have a large organization with complex hierarchy, it could look like this, and could have additional groups under each group:

You can also set up groups that are not part of your chain of command. For example, if you want to assign training requirements to all Hazmat Technicians across all shifts and stations, or send a message to all Paramedics, you can set up groups for that purpose:

To set up a new group:

  • click the Groups menu item.
  • click New Group.
  • In the Parent Group box, choose where the group fits in your organization's hierarchy. If this is a "top level" group, choose Top Level.
  • If the group represents a shift or station, choose the name of the shift or station from the Shift / Station / Group list. 
  • If this group is not a shift or station, type the name of the group in the Group Name box
  • If you are adding multiple groups at once, click the Create and Add Another button, otherwise click the Create button.

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