How can I send a message with a video attached?

Our messaging feature makes it easy to record a short video with your phone or tablet, and attach it to an email or post it as a message on your site. You can also attach a video from your desktop or laptop computer, as long as the video is on your computer.

  • Record the video using the camera feature on your phone
  • Click the envelope icon at the top of the screen

  • Click the New Message button.
  • In the To box, type the name of one or more groups/individuals.
  • In the Subject box, type the subject of the message.
  • Click the paperclip icon

If you are using a phone or tablet, you can choose the video you want to upload from your Photo Library

Once the video has been uploaded, it will look like this:

Rescue Hub will host the video, and convert it to a format that can be viewed on any device. 

If you would like to post the message to the main page, click the Show on Main Page checkbox. You can set a Start Date and End date to automatically display or remove the message on a particular day.

Any message created will be sent out immediately by email. By default, if a recipient replies to a message, the response will only be sent to you (the sender). If you would like replies to be sent to all recipients of the message, change Forward Email Replies To to Everyone.

Click the Send Email button to send your message. 

The message will show a thumbnail of the video, along with a link to view the video.

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