How do I add a quiz to a class?

Click the Training Resources menu item, then choose Classes

Click the name of the class.

If the class description has a button that says Edit Mode is OFF, click the button to enable Edit Mode.

Click the Add a Quiz button.

If you have any text you would like to display at the beginning or end of the quiz, you can enter it in the Intro Text and Ending Text boxes. This can always be changed later.

Click Next...

... then click Add a Question.

Rescue Hub supports three kinds of questions: 

  • Multiple Choice / Choose One
  • Multiple Choice / Choose Many
  • True / False

Multiple Choice / Choose One. Your question must have at least two possible answers, only one of which can be correct. For example, a question that asks "Name the actor who played Irwin Fletcher in the 1985 movie Fletch" would have answers that look like this:

Multiple Choice / Choose Many.  This question type allows for multiple correct answers for the same question. The staff member taking the quiz must get all of the answers correct in order to get full credit for the question. You can add up to five possible choices, and at least one of them must be chosen as a correct answer.

As an example, the question "What aliases did Irwin Fletcher use during the 1989 movie Fletch?" might have the following answers:

True/False.  A True/False question should be phrased as a statement. The quiz will display a True/False option for the staff member to choose. For example, the question might be:

6 x 7 = 45

and the answer would be "false".

Once questions have been added to a quiz, it is ready to be used as part of a Task assignment. 

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