How can I add the Event calendar to my phone?

When you add a Rescue Hub calendar to your phone or calendar program, your calendar will periodically poll the Rescue Hub website, and automatically keep your calendar up-to-date. This feature works with any iCalendar compatible device or calendar program, including iPhone, Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, and others.

To add your Rescue Hub calendar to an Android phone, follow the Add to Google Calendar instructions below.  Android devices support this feature, but you must add the calendar to your Google Calendar. 

Add a Rescue Hub Calendar to Your Phone / Calendar

To add a Rescue Hub calendar to your phone/calendar:

  • click your name in the upper right corner of the screen,
  • click the Profile button
  • Look for the iCalendar Links box, and 
  • click the link of the calendar you want to add.

Links are provided for:

  • My Events: includes any event you have been invited to
  • Name of Organization (all): includes all events for the organization
  • Master Calendar (All Organizations): includes all events for any organization you are a member for

Add to Google Calendar

We recommend you use a desktop or tablet to set this up.  To add your Rescue Hub calendar to Google Calendar:

  • click your name in the upper right corner of the screen,
  • click the Profile button
  • Scroll down to the iCalendar Links box, and:
    • Desktop: Right-click the calendar link you want to add to Google calendar, then choose Copy
    • Mobile: Touch and hold the calendar link, then choose Copy
  • Navigate to Google Calendar
  • On the left-side of the screen, find the Other Calendars heading
  • Click the triangle to the right of the words Other Calendars, then choose Add by URL
  • In the URL box, right-click/touch and hold and choose Paste
  • Click Add Calendar

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