How do I create a Requirement?

To create a new Requirement:

  • click the Requirements menu item
  • click New Requirement

  • Title: the name of the training requirement. This field is required.
  • References Code / Policy: indicate what (if any) code or policy this requirement relates to. 
  • Mandatory: check this box if this requirement is mandatory
  • Category: this can be used to categorize requirements by type. Possible categories might include Health and Safety, Operations, Officer Development, etc.
  • Training Period: typically used to indicate the year / quarter the requirement is to be completed in. Possible values might be Annual 2016, Q4 2017, etc.
  • Required By: the entity that imposes the requirement. Possible values might include Department, State, Federal, etc.
  • Groups: the groups that are assigned this requirement.
  • Related Class:  if an existing Class meets this requirement, it can be noted here.

The Completion section is used to indicate how a requirement is fulfilled. Requirements are fulfilled by attending scheduled training, attending unscheduled crew-based training, or completing one or more training Tasks. 

  • Hours: the number of contact hours of training needed to complete this requirement. 
  • Task(s) or event(s): the number of attended training events or completed tasks required to fulfill this requirement.

  • Description: any additional information for this requirement. You can also attach files, videos, or images by drag-and-drop or by clicking the paperclip icon.  The Description will be shown in any related Task or Event. This is a good place to provide more detail on the training activity that is to be completed by your personnel. 

Once you have entered the information, click Create

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