How do I add a new category?

Categories are used to classify Events, Tasks, Classes and Requirements. 

To add a new Category, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen:

In the Requirements block, click the text next to the word Categories.

Categories in Rescue Hub are hierarchical. Your training category might be a top level category with subcategories (like  Firefighting), or a subcategory (like Hose Evolutions, which might belong to the top level category Firefighting). 

Click the  New Category button.

For a new top level category, like Firefighting:

  • In the Parent box, choose Top Level
  • In the Name box, type Firefighting

For a new subcategory, like Firefighting/Hose Evolutions:

  • In the Parent box, choose Firefighting
  • In the Name box, type Hose Evolutions

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