How do I fill out an Evaluation?

Each Task Book can be configured to collect an employee evaluation. 

To fill out an evaluation:

  • Click the Task Books menu item
  • Next to the type of task book you are working with, click View Assigned

  • Choose the name of the individual you are evaluating
  • Click the Evaluations tab
  • In the Submit an Evaluation box, find the evaluation template that you want to use, and click the "+" button to start a new evaluation. There may be more than one kind of evaluation, depending on how your organization has configured this task book. 

Fill out the evaluation. Required fields will be indicated as such. 

If you want to save a partially completed evaluation, and come back later to finish it, choose the Save As Draft option at the bottom of the page. You can also use the Save as Draft option to hold onto an evaluation until you are ready for the employee to view it. 

When you are ready for the employee to view and sign the evaluation, you will sign the evaluation by typing your name in the Evaluator Signature box, and click Publish & Notify.

Once you click Publish & Notify, the employee will be sent an email, informing them of a new evaluation to review. 

The employee will review the evaluation:

The employee will sign the evaluation by typing their name at the bottom of the page

Video Walkthrough

Here's a short video that shows you how to fill out an employee evaluation in a task book.

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