How can I change a published evaluation?

Occasionally an evaluation needs to be changed after the evaluator or employee has already signed it, most often if there is a typo or incorrect information in the evaluation.

An administrator can recall an evaluation, which will put the evaluation back into Draft mode and allow the evaluator to make changes. Once this is done, the evaluator will re-publish the evaluation, and send it back to the employee for review and online signature. 

When an evaluation is recalled, Rescue Hub will notify the evaluator, employee, and anyone else that would normally be notified of a completed evaluation. 

To recall an evaluation:

  • Navigate to the employee's task book
  • Click the Evaluations tab
  • Next to the evaluation to be recalled, click View
  • Click Recall...

Rescue Hub will confirm that you want to recall the evaluation, just click Yes:

If you don't see a Recall... button, then either a) you don't have sufficient privileges to recall the evaluation, or b) the evaluation is still in Draft mode and the evaluator currently has permission to make changes to the evaluation.

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