What is a Requirement?

From  dictionary.com:

A requirement is some quality or performance demanded of a person in accordance with certain fixed regulations.

With Rescue Hub, a Requirement is entered into the system based on your local department's training policies. Requirements are fulfilled by staff members completing a Task (a work assignment with a due date, typically completed at their own pace), or by attending an Event (typically an in-person training session).

As an example, Elton Street Fire Department requires that all firefighters complete two hours of training on the basics of using SCBA. This requirement will be met when:

  • each firefighter completes one hour of self-study of training materials and video, AND
  • attends one of several scheduled one hour hands-on training sessions.

To get started, an administrator will create a Requirement. It might look like this:

Once a Requirement is created, a training officer can create a Class that includes all of the necessary training materials for self-study. A simple Class with some text and a link to another website might look like this:

A Task is created, which is used to assign the firefighter the necessary training material for self study. Once the firefighter completes the self-study, they can self-certify they have completed the task (by checking a "I reviewed this material" checkbox), or they can take a quiz that is created by the training officer. The Task might look like this:

Each Task will be assigned a training Category. The list of Categories is used to ensure that similar training activities have the same name. 

The Topic is a short description of the task. When a Category is chosen, the Topic will change to match the Category. If you want to change the Topic to something else, click the Edit button next to the text.

A staff member can complete an assigned Task by either a) checking a box that states "I completed this task", or b) by taking a Quiz, which validates the staff member's knowledge of the material. 

The second step is to create an Event. An Event is an invitation for one or more firefighters to attend an in-person training session. If multiple training sessions are held that meet the same Requirement, each is created as a separate Event. A sample Event might look like this:

The Event will give the basic day/time/location, along with the groups or staff invited to the event. 

There are several options on how to handle attendance:

  • Do you want to verify the attendance now? For training activities planned in advance, choose No. If this were a crew-based training activity that has already occurred, choose Yes.
  • Do you want attendees to login and verify their own attendance? If you want each attendee to login to Rescue Hub and mark themselves as Present, choose Yes. Otherwise, choose No. Either way, an instructor, company officer, or other training administrator will need to mark the attendance for each event. 
  • Do you want a second level supervisor to verify the attendance? If you would like another level of approval (beyond a company officer or instructor reviewing and approving the attendance), choose Yes and indicate who is responsible for verifying the attendance. 

The remaining fields for a new Event will link the Event to the Requirement you created earlier.

Once a firefighter completes the Task (one hour of self study training), and attends the Event (one hour of in-person training), Rescue Hub will mark the firefighter as "completing" the Requirement.

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