How do I sign off on a task in a Task Book?

If a task has been completed in the task book, then the “Trainee” (the employee assigned the task book) and the “Instructor” (an evaluator, such as a Captain, Lieutenant, MSO, or Battalion Chief) must both sign off that the task is completed. The task can be marked off for completed in any order, whether it’s the Trainee or Instructor first.

The process for signing off on a task in a task book is the same, regardless of whether you are signing off on your own completed tasks, or are an instructor or evaluator. 

To sign off a task, find the individual's task book, access the individual’s task book Tasks page.

The specific task can be found by using the navigation menu (on the right). You can also scroll down the page to the task that need to be marked for completion. 

Select the Sign Off on the task.

A pop-up menu will open for the task select. Add the Date Completed and select Save Changes.

Note: Both the Instructor and Trainee will have to log in and mark the task off for completion to show the task as completed in the total amount of tasks assigned. 

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