How do I access a Task Book?

To access the Task Books in Rescue Hub, there is a menu item called Task Books:

The Task Book menu item will open up the list of task books. If you are assigned a task book, and are not an evaluator or supervisor, this menu item will take you to your task book. 
Note: Only the task books that are assigned to defined permissions will appear on this page.

To find an individual’s task book, click on the View Assigned button for the appropriate task book assigned, and look for the individual’s name.  This will take you to a list of all the task books assigned to that task book currently.

Select the individual’s name to access their task book. 

Task books are divided into four sections: Tasks, Description, Documents, and Evaluations.
  • Tasks are the assigned responsibilities that must be met in order to complete the section of the task book.
  • Description is the overview of the task book. It includes an overview of the performance based system, responsibilities of everyone involved in the task book process, and instructions for the task book.
  • Documents are where documents can be uploaded to keep with the task book.
  • Evaluations are where the evaluator will write, submit and sign evaluations for their employee, and the employee will access this page to view and sign evaluations as well.

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