How do I upload a video to a class?

A video can be added to a class by:

  • drag-and-drop into a Description box, 
  • click the paperclip icon, or
  • drag-and-drop into the Upload Files box.

To get started:

  • click the Classes menu item
  • click the name of the class
  • If you see a button that says Edit Mode is OFF, click the button to enable edit mode.

In one of the Topic boxes, click the Upload Files button. This will reveal the drag-and-drop area for uploading files:

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, you can drag-and-drop video files into the dashed-line box. If you are using a mobile device, you can touch the Drop Files Here to Upload text, and you will be prompted to choose a photo or video from your device.

You can also add a video in the text section of any topic, or in the course description. To do this, click the Edit button next to the Topic or Class description:

To upload a video into this area, just drag and drop the file into the description area. You can also click the paperclip icon to choose the video from your computer or mobile device.

Once the video has been fully uploaded, click the Create / Update button. 

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