What is a Class?

A Class is a space where instructors and training staff can organize learning materials for other staff to use. A Class can be created by anyone who has the "manage training" permission.  

Instructors and training officers can add content (such as text, video, file attachments, links to other websites) and organize the content according to their own needs. Classes can be used as a place to organize training materials on a given topic, and can be re-used from year to year as appropriate

A Class can be as simple as a paragraph of text, a PDF document, or a link to another web page. A Class can also be created with a lot of complexity, having multiple topics, training documents, videos, and a quiz to ensure that learning has occurred. 

A Class can be used in three ways:

  • To provide training materials for online self-study (e.g. an online class), 
  • To provide training materials related to an in-person training event, and
  • To build a training library

For Self Study

If you have training material for staff to review without an in-person training event, this material can be added to a Class. 

A Class can be assigned to an individual or a group using the Task menu item. When a Task is created and assigned, the instructor can specify whether the individual should a) self-certify that they reviewed the Class training materials (e.g. check a box that says "I reviewed this material"), or b) take a quiz to test an individual's understanding of the material.

Supplemental Materials for an In-Person Training Event

A Class can also be used to provide video or written documentation in advance of an in-person training event. 

Each Event can have an associated class, which can be re-used for multiple events, or from year-to-year.

As a Training Library

Classes can be used to build a training library for your organization. If you have training material in multiple places, it can be uploaded and made available to your organization to review whenever needed.

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