How do I collect skill sheets and task evaluations?

Rescue Hub can be used to collect skill sheets and training evaluations from individuals as they complete their assigned training. Rather that collecting paper versions of the evaluation, or having members individually email completed skill sheets, Rescue Hub can be used to capture pictures of the completed documents. 

Examples of this would include:

  • An instructor conducts a driver training evaluation for one of her crew members. The training officer requires that the captain scan and email the evaluation for record keeping purposes.
  • A supervisor conducts a hands-on airway management skills assessment with an EMT. The paper skills checklist is retained for record keeping purposes.

Rescue Hub uses a Task to assign training and collect one or more photos or scanned PDFs from each individual. 

To create a new task:

  • click the Tasks menu item, then click All Tasks.
  • click New Task (or click here).
  • Fill in the Category, Topic, Due Date, Method and Hours.
  • Assigned Staff, choose the names of groups or individuals who are to complete the task.
  • A staff member completes this task by: choose the Self-certify option.
  • Attach a File: choose Optional or Required.
  • Task Completed By: choose Individual Only. Staff members must upload their own documents. 
  • Description: provide a description of the training activity you want each member to complete. 

Staff members can attach the document as a PDF when they mark the task as complete. The document can be a digital photo or a scanned PDF. We recommend that staff members take a picture with their phone, and mark the task as complete with their phone. 

Once a document is uploaded, it will appear in the Tasks : Review Uploads screen (or go here). This screen allows you to quickly review any documents uploaded as a part of any Task.

To begin reviewing, click the Start Reviewing button. If a staff member has uploaded more than one document, you will see each document in it's own tab.

For each document uploaded, you will see an Approved and Not Approved button. 

When the Approved button is clicked, Rescue Hub will mark this document as reviewed, and you'll be taken to the next document to review. 

When you click the Not Approved button, you will need to specify a reason why the document wasn't accepted. Rescue Hub will automatically notify the individual, and mark the task as Incomplete. 

As an administrator, you can add or remove individual uploaded documents by clicking the Manage Uploads button. This button can be found on the Task page:

This screen will allow you to upload a document on someone's behalf, remove a document, download an individual document, or download all of the documents for a specific task:

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